Here at Once Upon a Swaddle, we believe that your baby’s first swaddling experience should be as unique and beautiful as your birth experience. That’s why we handcrafted adorable two piece swaddle sets that are both fashionable and multifunctional… so while your babe might outgrow the swaddling stage, the oversized blanket and adjustable headband can be used for years to come.

Founded by creator Nastasha Woods, a mother of two from Southern California, Once Upon a Swaddle is committed to providing high quality, beautiful, and multi-functional products that are proudly made in the USA.

Our best selling Swaddle Blankets double as a Nursing Cover, Swaddle, photo background, and are guaranteed to give you the cutest hospital photos! Gone are the days of covering your babes adorable first outfits with old, pre used hospital swaddles. Pack one of our swaddle sets in your hospital bag and let your babe Dazzle everyone they meet…

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